Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blogging Granny -- Can't believe I managed to do it!

With great reluctance, yet in response to need, a new aspect of resilience is called forth and I have now managed to set up my own blog.

For a woman born and raised before the first computer was ever built, becoming part of cyberspace is a daring adventure. Keeping abreast of changes is continuously challenging and meets with great resistance.

In my work with people 55+ I find that approximately one third has never used the internet. I notice that in some regards these people are gradually excluded from information that is relevant to their daily lived experience. Their capacity to keep with today's fast pace of change is diminished and they are not privy to a multitude of opportunities accessible through cyberspace.

Every new step forward may be frightening and seemingly impossible, yet to be able to adapt to today's day and age means daring to acquire internet skills. For me, getting a blog started (however simple the it turned out to be) was a huge step, and this step makes me feel better and stronger.

I am grateful to the people who encouraged me to go ahead, who pushed, nudged, and held me by the hand. Thank you Axle and thank you Tanya for rendering me more resilient as I age.